Anodically polarized metallic workpieces are placed in an electrolytic bath for the superpolishing process.
The electrolyte consists of a solution of about 98% water and 2-3% salt.
This produces gas which wetted the workpiece to be polished.
This coats the workpiece and leads to a reduction of the roughness as well as removes organic and inorganic contaminants with minimal mass loss.
Depending on the material specifications the typical material removal lies between 2 - 8 µm per minute. The geometric shape of the component is almost maintained.


Super Polishing process description and the significant differences to electropolishing 

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Electrolytes are used to date for treatment of:

Ferrous metals:
all stainless steels (polishing depends on the degree of alloying elements and carbon content)

Non-ferrous metals:    
brass and its alloys
Chromium-cobalt alloys
Chromium-cobalt-molybdenum alloys

Light metals:    
Titanium and Titanium alloys
some Magnesium alloys


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The innovative process of super polishing lends itself as the solution in areas such as surface polish, deburring and purification due to its many benefits like:

•             levelling of microroughness (< 0,01 µm)

•             minimal material removal

•             processing of any contours is possible

•             achievement of unprecedented degree of gloss

•             no prior treatment or cleaning of the workpieces necessary

•             the environmentally friendly electrolytes consists 98% H2O,

•             no use of environmentally harmful substances or highly concentrated acids

•             once processed surfaces are more corrosion resistant than its initial state

•             lowest thermal and mechanical stress on the surface ( t <100°C )

•             no cytotoxic effects can be expected on plasma polished surfaces

Special features:

Metal parts never heat up beyond 100 °C not even superficially during the process of super polishing.

Super polished metal is characterized by an improved corrosion protection compared to the initial state.

Chemical used:

•             Ammonium sulfate with water-soluble sulfur < 10%

•             optional: Phosphoric acid approx. 10% (only for removing stains)

•             deionized water



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